Who thought this was a good idea??

This conference stemmed from a growing online community of KiCad users. This conference is a first attempt at getting those online denizens all in one place at one time.

What about FOSDEM?

FOSDEM (held in Brussels Feb 2nd and 3rd, 2019) is a gathering of open source software developers and is a great place to learn more about how to contribute to the KiCad project as a software developer; these developers are a key piece to the advancement of the project. Each year Wayne Stambaugh gives a “State of KiCad” talk that is delivered to a packed room. However, the focus there is on the development of KiCad, not the every day use of KiCad. This conference is to focus on KiCad users and advancing the state of the art of using open source tools for hardware development.

Why are you charging for tickets?

KiCon 2019 will include food and drink for all attendees, as well as potential swag (TBD). We are charging for tickets so we know how many people to expect, have sufficient cashflow to cover conference costs and to ensure conference attendees have “skin in the game” (that people who buy tickets show up). All excess funds from the conference will be donated to the KiCad project via the CERN & Society Foundation

How can I help with KiCon?

We’ll be asking for volunteers in exchange for reduced price tickets. Apply for to be a volunteer here.

If you’re interested in sponsoring, check out our Sponsor page.

And of course, we need speakers! Propose a talk here.

Is it pronounced “K-eye-Con” or “Kee-Con”?

Buy a ticket to the event and you can debate the merits of one pronunciation over another…in person!



Have more questions? Email FAQ@kicad-kicon.com